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StarSoft P-1020

StarSoft P-1020 Textile Softener

Product Description 


Silicone finishes are extensively being used in textile finishing, but mainly for cotton based fabrics and garments. These same finishes when applied to synthetics tend to encounter issues such as thermal migration, yellowing, oil-spots and greasy feel, particularly on polyester.


StarSoft P-1020 Textile Softener has been developed to address these issues. StarSoft P-1020 Textile Softener is a based on the innovative technology as such delivers superior performance in combination with excellent stability and processability. It is effective at very low concentrations in the finishing bath. This together with its good stability under most processing conditions may result in significantly reduced costs for the textile mill.

Features and Advantages



StarSoft P-1020 Textile Enhancer is equally effective on synthetics and synthetic/natural blends be it on fabrics or garments.


  • Linear Molecular Architecture
  • Effective at 2-5g/lt in the bath, as received. It may provide a high level of natural softness to synthetics and their blends with natural fibres
  • High molecular weight
  • Delivers properties similar to those of reactive elastomeric finishes, such as durability and resistance
  • Hindered Amine Functionality
  • Low yellowing
  • Good stability under most finishing conditions, including jet/overflow
  • May be co-applied with crease (durable press) resist resins, their catalysts and optionally OBA’s.
  • Combines hydrophilic and silicone moieties
  • Self-dispersible, no need for emulsifiers hence lower cost for formulators and mills
  • May be blended in directly into the textile finishing bath with minimal agitation
  • Low viscosity
  • Easy to handle


Typical Properties



Clear to slightly hazy light yellow fluid

Viscosity at 25°C, cSt

1000 cSt Max

Specific Gravity, 25/25°C

1.046 g/L

Amine Content, %


Preferred Diluent





StarSoft P-1023 Textile Enhancer is intended for use in textile finishing of all synthetic based fabrics or their blends with natural fibres. Based on our experience with similar molecules, we believe that StarSoft P-1023 Textile Enhancer should provide good lubricity and hand-feel during polyester fleece manufacture.


It is recommended to prepare the textile finishing bath with all the other ingredients to their final concentration at a pH of 4.5-6 and then add StarSoft P-1020 Textile Enhancer. StarSoft P-1020 Textile Enhancer is stable in the presence of most textile auxiliaries, such as crease (durable press) resist resins, their catalysts, optical brightening agents, wax emulsions, non-ionics, cationics, or enzymes.


Even though StarSoft P-1020 Textile Enhancer is one of the most stable silicone finishes in the market, it is best to use soft water for its dilutions. If this is unavailable, it is prudent to test the complete bath for stability before applying it in production.


As already mentioned, StarSoft P-1020 Textile Enhancer should be used at 2-3g/lt. higher levels are not necessarily better and in fact, in certain cases, may be performance detrimental.


Dilutions of StarSoft P-1020 Textile Enhancer are stable for several hours. If prolonged storage is considered, a biocide should be added to retain sterility.

There are no specific drying/curing conditions needed for StarSoft P-1020 Textile Enhancer, these are dictated by the other ingredients present in the



To ensure that the product quality is maintained, please check expired date

Storage and Handling

and try to use up before expired date. During storage, the container should be tightly sealed when not in use.  Store at normal room temperature, and prevent prolonged exposure to extreme heat or freezing. If any lump is formed during long storage, just stir to redisperse.