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starsoft 1018C
StarSoft 1018C
A Hydrophilic Textile Softener Concentrate
StarSoft 1018C is a super soft & excellent stable textile softener.  It contains a revolutionary silicone molecule to deliver voluminous and silky hand feels. It provides consistent hydrophilicity to most types of textile fiber or fabric at lower use level than other silicone softeners.  It is very stable in ordinary textile finish process without causing oil-spots on fabric.
Key Features and Typical Benefits
:         Provide fast & consistent water absorption on various fabric;
:         Impart soft & smooth hand feel;
:         Deeply penetrate into fibers and impart bulkiness;
:         Water dispersible microemulsion;
:         Readily diluted to any grade without additional emulsifies;
:         Very stable & non oil-spots if used in ordinary textile finish process;
:         Excellent affinity with all types of textile;
:         Excellent fiber elasticity and shape recovery;
:         Durable softness to laundering;
:         Less fabric yellowing; 
:         Outstandingly exhaustible to particularly natural fibers;
:         Redyeable & over dyeable.
1.     Properties :
Physical Form
 Liquid state
Transparent with bluish  
Solid Contents
Viscosity (25<C)
<2,000 cst
pH (25<C)
Flash Point
Gravity ( 25<C)
Slightly cationic
2.     Application:
Since StarSoft 1018C  can be readily diluted in water, no additional emulsifying is required to straightly apply in textile finish process. 
In order to get homogenous dilution of 4918C, It is advised to add water into 4918C slowly under moderate stirring.  
For example,
StarSoft 1018 : 50%
Water:             : 50%
Charge StarSoft 1018 at first into a mixer, and then start to stir. Slowly add water into the mixer under stirring. A clear microemulsion with bluish can be obtained.
StarSoft 1018C can be used as received or pre-diluted with water before applying.  Optimum treatments are dependent on the required softness of the fabric and yarn after dyeing and rinsing.
(1).      Pad-dry-cure proces
Dosage      :       10~20g/l for light fabric or 25-50g/l for heavy fabric
pH             :        5.0 ~ 7.0
Temp.        :        Ambient temperature
Dry/Cure    :       120 ~ 170 <C for 1~3 min
(2).      Exhaustion process 
Dosage           :           1.0 ~ 2.0% (o.  w.f.)    on  light fabric & 2.5-5.0% on heavy  fabric
Liquor ratio      :           1/10 ~ 1/20
pH                   :           5.0 ~ 7.0nt
temperature    :          Ambient
Time                :           10 ~ 30 min
Spinning & Drying      :         100 ~ 170 ºC for 1~3 min
(3).      Garment washing process 
Dosage                    :                   1.0 3.0% on the  eight of garment
Temp.                      :                    Ambient temperature
Time                        :                   30 ~ 60 min
Spinning & Drying      :                    100 ~ 130 ºC for 3~5 min
3.     Striping :
StarSoft 1018C can be stripped off fabric. The stripping formulation is as follows:
NaOH             :       5g/l   
LABS(30%)     :      2-5%
Add water and NaOH onto fabric tank and then heat to 100 $C  for 60 min. Then rinse fabric with acidic water and water .
4.     Handling with safety :
When considering the use of any products in specific application, you should review our latest Material Safety Data Sheets and ensure that the use you intend can be accomplished safety. 
5.      Package &  Storage
50kg and 120kg  in one plastic drum, can be stored for 12 months under room temperature and hermetic condition.  To ensure that the product quality is maintained, please check expired date and try to use up before expired date. During storage, the container should be tightly sealed when not in use.  Store at normal room temperature, and prevent prolonged exposure to extreme heat or freezing.