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Anthraquinone Powder

Anthraquinone Powder

Molecular formula: C14H8O2
Molecular weight: 208.10
Product Standard:
Appearance: Yellow or lightish grey powder
Purity: >=98.50%
Moisture: <=0.50%
Ash: <=0.50%
Median granular diameter D50: <=4um
Particle size D90: <=9.50um
Water and super anthraquinone, The percentage of water and super anthraquinone is 1:0.5-0.8, Mix them together and stir the mixture for a few minutes until it is homogeneous for use, you can also mix water with some of the product according to your own requirement.
Packing: in plastic fabric bags of 25kgs,; lined with plastic bags, or according to customer's demand.

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