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Bergeninum (97%)
Bergeninum (97%)
CAS NO.£º 477-90-7
Molecular Structure:
Molecular Formula£ºC14H16O9
Molecular weight: 328.27
Category:  Herbal Extract
Alias: Bergenit¡¢Vakerin¡¢Arolisic acid B¡¢Ardisic acid B¡¢Corylopsin¡¢Cuscutin¡¢Peltaphorin
Appearance: White crumbly acicular crystal or crystalline powder;
Properties: odorless, bitter in taste.
melting point: 232¡ª240¡æ.
pharmacological functions :
Bergeninum as well as its derivatives have the biological activities of relieving a cough, the hepatic protectant, antiinflammatory, antiviral, and of the immune system regulation.

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