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Buprofezin 95% TC
Buprofezin  95% TC
CAS Number: 69327-76-0
Chemical name:
 2-[(1, 1-dimethylethyl)imino]tetrahydro-3-(1-methylethyl)-5-phenyl-4H-1, 3, 5-thiadiazin-4-one

Molecular Formula£ºC16H23N30S
Apperaance£ºwhite crystals(tech., white or pale yellow crystalline powder)
Melting point: 104.5£­105.5¡æ
Vapor pressure: 1.25mPa(25¡æ)
Stability£ºstable in acidic and alkaline media, stable to heat and light.
Biochemistry: probable chitin synthesis and prostaglandin inhibitor.
Action: persistent insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach action; not translocated in the plant. Inhibits molting of nymphs and larvae, leading to death.
Uses: Insecticide with  persistent larvicidal action against Homoptera, some Coleoptera and also Acarina. Effective against Cicadellidae(whitefly) in citrus, cotton and vegetable; Coccidae, Diaspididae£¨scale inserts£© and Pseudococcide (mealy bugs) in Citrus.

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