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English     name£ºFenpyroximate
Similar trade name:  Unreasonable mite efficacious    Kill all over king
Chemical    name:
Purity£º           ¡Ý95%
Packaging£º        25Kg/ per bag
Physical and chemical properties: Pure white crystalline powder .Melting point 101.7¡æ, vapour pressure solubility 0.00747mpa(25¡æ), Density 1.25, Solubility water 0.0146mg/L(20¡æ), Solubility in various organic solvents ¡¾g/1(25¡æ)¡¿ methanol 15¡¢ ethanol 16¡¢propanone 150¡¢two chlorine methane 1307¡¢chloroform 1197¡¢toluene 261¡¢Benzene 450¡¢four hydrogen furan 737, Stable under acid alkali condition.
Toxicity:   Fenpyroximate is a neutral acaricide variety. Hero¡¯s big mouse is acute to pass LD50480mg once, the big female mouse is acute to pass LD50240mg once, the heroes¡¢big female mice are acute to pass skin LD50 2000mg/kg . Poisonous to fish, carp LC50 (48h) 6.1mg/L .
Peculiarity: Fenpyroximate is new benzene oxygen pyrazole Oxime acaricide, function way relies mainly on tagging function, can kill the mites directly at the time of the high dosage,can inhibit mite decortication or lay eggs at the time of the low dosage,knock down and inhibit the function of peeling from. Characteristic of having highly effective¡¢quickly effective¡¢ low poison¡¢low to remain¡¢long duration .
Application: Applied to many kinds of plants to prevent and cure maple leaf mite and the whole melon leaf mite. There is a good function of prevention and cure in pickles moth¡¢twill noctuid¡¢striped rice borer¡¢rice fly to louse¡¢peach aphid and rice blast¡¢powdery mildew¡¢frost poisonous disease. Mite eggs ,mite ,into the mite ,have a very good effect, the activity to Low age mite is the highest ,it is widlyapplied in the mandarin tree¡¢apple tree¡¢ peach tree¡¢pear tree and various crops to prevent and cure mite £§s worm, fenpyroximate can also prevent and cure Rice fly to louse effectively.

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